Why does my email return address display s5.mi-co.net
as the return address?

The webmail default return address is username@s5.mi-co.net.

If your email account's mail or pop3 server is located on the server mail.mi-co.net, then most likely your email address is an alias in the form my-email@mydomainname.com. To change the default address

  • Click the Webmail Login Link located on the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.
  • A new window should open up with the Webmail login form. Enter your username and password. Then click on the Login button.
  • Click on the Options link located across the top of the Webmail screen.
  • Click on the Personal Information link located in the top left grey shaded box.
  • Fill in the desired email address in the space provided.
  • Click Submit to save your changes.
  • To test your change, Click on Compose and send yourself a message.