I keep getting "You must be logged in to access this page." message when trying to login using the webmail interface.
When a user provides their login and password to the webmail program, the program attempts to set a cookie on the user's machine. This cookie is used by the webmail program to help keep track of data for the session that is being started. If your browser is set to block or reject cookies, then you will get a message "You must be logged in to access this page." You are actually getting logged in, but the first page that is accessed attempts to retrieve the cookie information. Since the cookie is not set, it assumes that you are not logged in. You must allow cookies to be set from the mi-co.net domain for the webmail to work.
Information on cookies from Microsoft
To view your privacy settings or cookie settings in Internet Explorer, go to http://www.mi-co.net. Now click on the webmail link on the navigation bar on the left. When the new window opens, select "View" on the menu bar and then "Privacy Report" from the menu drop down. A dialog box will display your settings for this website. Your settings should allow cookies to be accepted from this website. If cookies are not accepted, then click on "Settings" and modify your settings to always accept cookies from this site.
Keep in mind that some personal firewall or internet security products also have the ability to block cookies from being set or retrieved. Consult the vendor's documentation on how to allow/enable cookies for a website. Click here for information on howto remove a cookie blocking rule from Symantec products