System Administration

I don't have a system I need one?
Today, many companies have a growing need for a part time to full time System Administrator. Unfortunately, many of the duties of System Administrators are being performed by people that were hired to perform a different function within the organization. As the system adminstration demands increase over time, the job they were originally hired to do suffers.

I have a system administrator...does he/she need help?
Other companies have a full time system administrators. However, due to the high work load, many tasks are overlooked or neglected. System administrators have many one time tasks to perform in addition to the routine day to day tasks. These tasks include version upgrades, security upgrades, and hardware upgrades.

A lot of organizations only have one administrator on staff. When vacation time rolls around, the administrator is unable to relax due to the constant stream of calls, pages, emails, etc...

Solution: Mi-Co, Inc. System Administration Services
Mi-Co, Inc. can help solve your system administration problem. Whether its a one time task oriented project (eg disaster recovery planning, backup analysis, or security analysis) or part time monthly administration services contract, we can help identify and solve your problems. First, we will listen to your needs and concerns. Second, we will identify and define the problem areas. Then, we will work with you to develop solutions to address the problems identified.

System Administration Experience

At Mi-Co, Inc. we have experience on the following systems:

  • Compaq/DEC Alpha DS10 running RedHat Linux
  • Compaq/DEC Alpha running Alpha/VMS
  • Compaq/DEC Vax Systems running VAX/VMS
  • Hewlett-Packard 9000 series-model 3xx running HP-UX
  • Hewlett-Packard 9000 series-model 8xx running HP-UX
  • IBM RS6000 running AIX
  • Intel Based Servers running RedHat Linux
  • Intel Based Servers running SCO Xenix/SCO Unix
  • Intel Based Servers running Novell Netware
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98 Workstations
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server/Workstation
  • Motorola 68K series running System V/68
  • Motorola 88K series running System V/88
  • Unisys U6000 running SCO Unix
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