Frequently Asked Questions

Email Questions

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  1. What are my email or pop3 account settings?
  2. How do I setup my Apple Ios device? (Iphone, Ipad, ...)
  3. How do I setup my tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device?
  4. What are you doing about spam and viruses?
  5. Why does my email return address display as the domain?
  6. How do I setup an autoresponder vacation message?
  7. I setup an autoresponder, but senders are not receiving the vacation message?
  8. Why am I getting an "ERROR: Could not complete request." message when using the webmail login?
  9. Why am I getting an "Mailbox disabled for this recipient" message when sending an email?
  10. Why am I getting a "550 5.7.1 Fix reverse DNS for a.b.c.d,or use your ISP server" message when sending an email?
  11. What does a "550 Possible UBE/UCE detected - If you receive this message in error, please contact for assistance" message mean?
  12. I keep getting "You must be logged in to access this page." message when trying to login using the webmail interface.
  13. I am having trouble deleting a message while using webmail. What can I do?
  14. When I use my notebook for email, I get errors trying to send email messages when I am away from my home/office. What can I do?

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